So you want to be a court reporter?

There are several legitimate companies that pay researchers to go out and visit courthouses in or near their local areas and hunt down documents for research purposes. Even though this work is technically not all done from your home and much of the research might not be conducted online, it can be a very flexible way to work independently and earn money. See a list below -- this is by no means all of the companies, just the ones most talked about..

  • Accurate Background – Accurate Background is a progressive organization – employing accomplished, lively professionals who share our adage “work hard, be productive, and enjoying life.”

  • Advanced Background Check – US only. Simple application to fill out to be considered.

  • Background Profiles – Open to US & Canada. Sign up as an Independent Contractor. They will contact you via phone or email if they need a court researcher in your area

  • Deed Collector – You’re hired as an independent contractor. The faster you type, the more you earn. Most of their researchers make $15-$20/hour.

  • Information Technologies – They are in search of court researchers & data collectors across the nation. Independent Contractor position. Pay based on number of records collected.

  • Jelly Bean Services – Must be dependable, accountable, & available at least 5-10 hours per week for court research.

  • Wolfgang Research – Free training. Pay per valid collected record.

  • Tax Sale Lists – They have a few 1099 part-time research positions available.

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