Editor of Azula.com

Azula.com is Buzzfeed for the Oceans: the place where ocean-lovers can indulge their fascination with weird creatures, their passion for penguin gifs and the latest on how people express their appreciation for our oceans.

And we’re looking for an Editor to shepherd this website. The primary responsibilities of the Editor are to manage Azula.com for Oceana, producing ocean related content that is widely shared via social media and that creates a strong readership base. The content will include listicles, gif driven items and articles on ocean topics. The editor will manage a team of freelancers to create said content. In addition, they will create monthly editorial features – e.g, “what shark are you quiz” – designed to help grow Oceana’s traffic. he editor will also support the efforts of Oceana’s social media manager to increase Azula’s social media following through engagement and by encouraging Azula’s writers to do the same. To apply for this job please visit the following URL:http://jobs.problogger.net/view/10405 →

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