Visionary Editor With Empathy, Compassion and Imagination Needed

We develop websites and write specialized content for businesses that sell to other businesses, as opposed to individual consumers. This job pays $700 a week and it is 100% telecommute. It is a normal W2 position and the pay is straight salary. It is a full-time job to be done during normal business hours. We offer 2 weeks of paid time off per year, plus company holidays and paid, hour-long lunch breaks. We have a retreat each year in Washington or Oregon, and continuous opportunities to learn new skills and try out different roles in the company that interest you. Most of us are moms and dads and so we’re understanding of baby noises and interruptions (as long as it’s not a formal client call.) To apply, please see below. Thank you!


I honestly think being an editor for our company, which specializes in bringing otherwise boring subject matter to life with original ideas and clear, simple writing, is among the most interesting, exciting and challenging positions that our company offers. The editors unananymously think they have the most important job in the company. While I appreciate everybody’s contribution, I respect that point of view because our editors spin straw into gold on a daily basis.

The editing position involves regularly interviewing the top executives at our client firms as well as their subject matter experts to get a full understanding of their businesses. It then involves passing drafts back and forth between the writer and the client’s team until it is an amazing piece that honestly deserves to be shared on social media.

The editor position is 100% about empathy, emotional IQ and understanding the other person’s point of view. A lot of imagination is involved because you are the one who breathes life into the piece by brainstorming with the writer and helping them to refine the topic until there is an original thesis. The writer has the technical knowledge to write it, but you have the passion and the compassion and the empathy and the vision to turn their knowledge into something that they are thrilled they wrote and the client loves.

We have lots of standards and best practices but at the end of the day, only you can make magic. The job involves going back and forth with your writers and the client’s team to produce about 18 blog posts per week. The goal is to understand exactly what the client wants and communicate that effectively to the writer for each account, so that you get everything into a rhythm and flow and the accounts go smoothly. A lot of organizing and follow-up is required, especially on the client side because they oftentimes keep promising to review the work and don’t do it. When they allow us to post without reviewing it, which usually happens eventually, it’s a huge victory!

To apply, please send a resume and a cover letter that is as unique as this opportunity.

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